What is it like to drive the Jaguar I-PACE? Over two years ago, Jaguar revealed the electric I-PACE. Since its debut, the model has been highly anticipated even being named the most significant concept vehicle of 2017. The model is a 400 horsepower all-electric SUV with an expected EPA-estimated driving range of 220 miles. The I-Pace features a cab-forward design with a short hood, allowing for better aerodynamics and more interior space. The vehicle’s wheels are farther out which was needed to fit the car’s large, flat battery pack, but it also helps with driving performance. 

As the model is set to be released later this year, automotive journalists have began test driving the vehicle and so far… they’ve been impressed. Observer writer Neal Pollack writes, “Amazingly, the I-Pace has off-road capability as well, using tech imported from Land Rover. It boasts a “wading depth” of nearly 20 inches. We drove it through a high creek while a Spanish hippie fed his goats on the bank, and cruised it up several steep hills with rough surfaces, using driver-assist tech that rivals that on the world’s top off-road vehicles. It’s not a Ford Raptor or a Jeep Wrangler, but considering that the I-Pace resembles a sleek Audi sedan more than a dedicated off-roader, it’s kind of incredible how much capability it shows. But the most amazing thing of all: We did all of this without burning any fossil fuels.”

Maxim writer Dan Carney refers to the vehicle as a “tesla-killer” sharing, “The I-Pace also enjoys the advantage of suspension developed by Jaguar’s experts, who have been at the game of producing spirited driving machines for far longer than Tesla has existed. Their expertise is well demonstrated by the I-Pace, which boasts responsive steering, with none of the sluggish-feeling understeer that makes most SUVs feel ponderous when their manufacturers ill-advisedly roll them out on race tracks.”

Extreme Tech writer Bill Howard shares, “I spent two days driving the Jaguar I-Pace in southwest Portugal on all the road types mentioned above. This is a fabulously good-looking car, cat-quick, capable of one-pedal driving when the regenerative braking mode is set to high, and capable even in my non-expert hands of hitting 120 mph at the end of the longest straightaway at the Algarve International Circuit track (2.9 miles, 17 turns, a potential Formula 1 venue). One-pedal driving is possible with the car set to high regeneration; the moment you’re off the throttle, the car slows noticeably. There is a gentler mode for drivers who prefer the car to coast down, albeit still with some regeneration. On the highway, the I-Pace is quiet.”

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