Jaguar’s New E-Pace is Surreal! Maybe melting clocks aren’t quite your thing, but with the digital surrealist art of Chris Labrooy, the E-Pace shines in it’s own “warped reality” to celebrate the launch of the vehicle in North America. Collaborating with the Jaguar Design team and Ian Callum, the UK-based artist created a series of surrealist pictures showing the new vehicle in its natural habitat– with a twist.

“This collaboration would only be possible working with a really future-thinking team. Once I had an understanding of what the Jaguar ‘Cub’ was all about, it helped guide my creativity – I could create scenarios that capture the fun, youthful sensibilities of the E-PACE.” – Chris Labrooy, Three-Dimensional CGI Artist.

The playful car and record-breaking barrel-roll reveal inspired Labrooy to create the ‘Transposition’ series which were revealed in late September in Detroit. Explaining is his work, Labrooy said, “The Transposition series is about reordering the material culture that surrounds us in new and unexpected ways. The E-PACE is juxtaposed with different objects and transposed into unforeseen scenarios where they wouldn’t normally belong. Robots appear on sidewalks and cars dance with glitter balls in surreal situations that exhibit the E-PACE sense of playfulness.”

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