We recently reported about Jaguar’s involvement in creating autonomous cars that operate in the most human-like way. Now, Ian Callum, design director at Jaguar, has stepped forward to give his insight into how electric cars are creating a new automotive future and what this means for Jaguar. In a statement to Autocar, Callum says, “My personal view is that electric cars are a new start. Car design will change more in the next 15 years than it has in the past 100 – electrification will kickstart the biggest change in automotive design in history. I’m clear in my mind that an electric Jaguar would be suitable for the brand. You have to move with the times and design for the opportunities. The opportunities an electric powertrain offers are huge, especially in terms of the space for occupants. By removing so much of the mechanical hardware and placing the batteries in the floorplan you open up all sorts of possibilities with packaging.” With the automotive industry constantly embracing new technology like infotainment systems and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, it seems necessary for one of the industry’s mavens to finally speak up about what a huge shift the automotive industry is currently undergoing and how this technology can affect design and usability.

Callum, like many individuals, is worried about the damage vehicles can plague on the earth, “It is an opportunity we must embrace, because we have a choice as an industry to either be considered part of the problem of global warming or to be part of the solution.” This urge to prevent further harm to our earth is a major driving force behind much of the innovation within the automotive industry, second only to the user experience. Currently Honda and Toyota have both created hydrogen fuel cell cars that only expel water vapor, while most manufacturers continue to focus on delivering better hybrid and electric vehicles.

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