Jaguar Formula EThis week’s Jaguar news is all about spy shots and the Jaguar design that is sure to follow. The first story of the week is that the Jaguar J-Pace crossover has recently been spied with diesel hybrid power. The J-Pace name comes from it being built off the XJ platform, much like how the F-Pace was built off the XF platform. We reported about a spied crossover called the E-Pace a few months back, but it seems it may have been the J-Pace.

Another interesting development revolves around Jaguar’s involvement in Formula E. The first images of the Jaguar Formula E Car have been released. We reported about the vehicle when Jaguar first announced their plan to join in on the Formula E season earlier this year. The season, which starts this fall, is the third season for the all-electric sport. Interestingly, the only things that the teams are allowed to adapt are the motors, the rear suspension, and the gearbox and transmission.

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