How cool would this be? Jaguar is Working On Cars that See Around Corners. Imagine how much safer driving would be! Jaguar is investing 4.7 million euros into the AutopleX project which aims to investigate pioneering safety improvements for self-driving technology. The main strategies for achieving this include combining connected, automated and live mapping tech so that more information can be provided to the self-driving car earlier. This would greatly improve driving conditions, allowing cars to communicate with road users and obstacles where there is no direct view, allowing for safer land merges.

“This project is crucial in order to bring self-driving cars to our customers in the near future,. Together with our AutopleX partners, we will merge our connected and autonomous research to empower our self-driving vehicles to operate safely in the most challenging, real-world traffic situations. This project will ensure we deliver the most sophisticated and capable automated driving technology.” – Chris Holmes, Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Research Manager at Jaguar

Earlier this year we shared that JLR is working on cars that will park themselves. For more Wilde Jaguar news, Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook.