We recently announced the exciting news that Jaguar is working on an electric I-Pace vehicle. Now we are excited to bring insider knowledge about the vehicle from lead designer Ian Callum. In a previous article, we shared that Callum views electric vehicles as a “new start” but now he has sat down with Forbes contributor, Nargess Banks, to discuss in depth the new model and the future of Jaguar electric vehicles. 

When discussing the new I-Pace, Callum explained, “I believe if you do this kind of Jaguar you have to be bold in the design. I wanted to create a design that reflected this change in the mechanics of the car. This is what led to the sporty cab-forward profile rather than a car with a bonnet and an engine.” The model is built on the same platform as the F-Pace, the “skateboard” platform, which stations the flat battery between the axles with an electric motor at either end. This allows for greater design flexibility, which is important since Jaguar has to ensure their models have a consistent look.

Callum is perhaps most fond of the silhouette of the car revealing, “It’s very different but not vulgar – it is a good balance of unusual and elegance. You know I like the tail lamp graphic, too. It is an indication of our future design.” He has high hopes for the future of electric vehicles commenting, “This will be our first-ever battery-powered electric vehicle and opens a new chapter in our history. I believe electric cars are here for the next 100 years and will eventually replace the combustion engine.”

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